​​​​​​​Advanced Vending Technology and Visionary Project Leadership for the 21st Century.

 Since 2014,  PanPacific International has been at work developing what might be the  smartest and easiest to use automated, purchaser-identifying vending machine on the planet.   Join our mailing list for company updates.



Welcome to PanPacific International!

About Us


Where We Came From

PanPacific International  has become The Amergence Group's (now called American Green)  first "Spin-Out" subsidiary. The company is charged with seeking out edgy and/or disruptive businesses in Hong Kong and the surrounding areas and incorporating them within PanPacific International's ongoing smart machine technology.. 


What We Are Doing

By partnering with some of  the country's top visionaries and innovators, PanPacific International is delivering advanced, smart vending solutions and forward-thinking project management..


Where We Are Going

With further hardware and software integrations in the works, PanPacific is developing solutions for the future. Our unique blend of  technology and business development  expertise  will continue to provide exciting innovations for the smart vending industry.

Our Smart Customer-Identifying Automated Product Delivery Systems

Stadium Beer Dispensers

Sell beer and alchohol at a variety of venues, - like sports stadiums and concert venues - increasing sales and reducing concession lines.

Tobacco and Vape Products

Sell tobacco or vape juice. Don't forget the vape accessories, like batteries and coils!

Prescription Drug Dispensaries

Move those 'behind the counter' products to the front of the store . Reduce theft,  and provide a self-service solution for potentially embarrasing or uncomfortable products.

Cannabis Products...

Age-Identifying Kiosks developed by PanPacific are being placed in licensed Marijuana dispensaries in states where it is legal to do so. The company expects 2021 and 2022 to be its best sales year. 

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    Intelligent Vending Expands the Sale of Important Products to More Locations.
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    Portion-Regulated Stadium Alcohol, Day-After Pill, Sudafed...the product possibilities are virtually endless.

Our Team

Peter Jacobs

Peter H. Jacobs has an extensive entrepreneural career spanning 40 years  building and operating telecommunications and technology companies.  



Sean Prophet

Sean comes to the company with a strong background in television and marketing. Over the past 20 years, he developed and executed promotional campaigns for top content producers such as Fox, Warner, and Disney. He also brings expertise in engineering, and hospitality and retail management

Stay Tuned - More News Coming



Contact PanPacific

PanPacific International, Inc.  14220 N. Northsight Blvd.  Ste 135

Scottsdale, AZ  85260

Telephone: 1.480.607.7500


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